Consider Hardware-as-a-Service for Your Enterprise Needs

For years, if you would have asked a business partner what enterprise mobility solution they preferred (both in terms of OS and device), the answer would’ve been resoundingly Android. Going further back, BlackBerry and even Windows OS would’ve been on that list as well. And while the former still holds most of the market share, the data doesn’t lie. Most of the actual work being done on mobile sits firmly in Apple’s corner — 82 percent in fact.

While iOS and Macs still have a ways to go to true market ownership in enterprise mobility, fairly recently deals and partnerships have opened the door for expansion to allow Apple to compete against the other giants in the space. 

For organizations considering an Apple enterprise mobility partner, this presents a great opportunity in that the products you’ve wanted to use are now more accessible for your needs — whether you’re a manufacturer or are in retail. For the latter especially, Apple products contribute to a specific in-store feel and are very desirable for that reason. For manufacturers, the accessibility of Apple devices allows them to be more immediately usable in shop floors by personnel that might use them outside of business applications.

While these product lines offer organizations numerous benefits over others, they are certainly not inexpensive. So how can organizations with numerous locations and/or employees that may be using these devices possibly implement an Apple-based mobility program affordably?

Consider Hardware-as-a-Service for Your Enterprise Needs

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) from River Capital Finance is a unique solution for obtaining and maintaining enterprise mobility devices. Whereas organizations otherwise have to rely on their own capital and human assets for obtaining and deploying a mobility program, River Capital Finance functions as the ideal Apple enterprise mobility partner through our HaaS program, which eliminates numerous barriers to entry for Apple devices in business. Let’s explore how HaaS can make an Apple enterprise mobility program possible for your organization. 


The greatest barrier to entry for an organization to adopt an Apple-based enterprise mobility program is cost. While development flexibility is certainly a business need, even the most flexible solution can fall off the list due to cost per unit. Because HaaS is an “as-a-service” program, there is no need for a large cash outlay. This preserves your organization’s capital while providing you with the devices you need — all at a more manageable monthly payment. 


While the initial investment is the greatest barrier to entry, the ongoing maintenance and repair costs associated with any devices — Apple or otherwise — will be a significant expense that must be factored into your overall mobility strategy. With HaaS, there is no need to shoulder either of these financial burdens. Not only is the cash outlay avoided, but the ongoing support costs are eliminated as well. Support and maintenance are included in the monthly contract fee. When the contract is up, you can replace existing hardware with new devices.


Last but certainly not least is reporting. There are two components to this: operational reporting and ROI reporting. On the former, leadership teams need to be able to view the performance of hardware across the enterprise. How devices are being used, what the status is for hardware in for repair, and so on. With HaaS, all of this information is centralized in a convenient, easy-to-use dashboard. Virtually any information about your hardware program can be accessed with just a few clicks.

And while viewing the status of your hardware at an enterprise level is great, you’ll, of course, need to be able to validate the efficacy of the program financially. Because HaaS is a significantly lower-cost initiative and because you have access to all the information you need, you’ll be in a better position to report on ROI and performance to leadership.

We’re Your Apple Enterprise Mobility Partner 

If your organization has been looking into implementing an enterprise mobility program or upgrading an existing program with Apple-based products and solutions, River Capital Finance can help you build a program designed specifically for your needs and goals. Contact us today to learn more about HaaS and how it can help you realize measurable, positive results.