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At River Capital Finance, we provide fast, flexible, frictionless financing solutions for manufacturers, resellers, integrators and distributor partners, specializing in the warehouse distribution and robotics industries. 

By giving you the ability to offer your hardware, software, and other support services in one simple, predictable monthly payment, you can close your premium, comprehensive solutions faster and accelerate repeat business. 

By giving you the ability to offer your hardware, software, 

and other support services in one simple, predictable monthly payment, you can close your premium, comprehensive solutions faster and accelerate repeat business. 

A Financing Option for Everyone

Your customers have unique needs which is why you offer unique hardware, software and/or support services. So why should you settle for one financing solution? With River Capital Finance, we have a variety of financing options that will allow you to create customized purchase, lease, rental or subscription solutions for each of your customers.

Make New Solutions Accessible

When you partner with River Capital Finance, you’ll not only be able to offer one-stop shopping to your customers, you’ll also be able to ensure they stay on the cutting edge of technology. With numerous payment plans, end-of-term options and equipment return policies, River Capital Finance makes it easy and affordable for your customers to keep their tech stacks on the cutting edge.

As A Service Finance Options

By partnering with River Capital Finance, you can differentiate yourself from the competition with “as a service” options. Our financing solutions allow you to offer your customer a complete solution of affordable hardware, software and support services they need packaged in one agreement and monthly payment.

Robotics As A Service

Flexible and scalable, Robotics as a Service (RaaS) is growing ever more popular due to its ease of implementation and lower cost of entry versus traditional robotics programs. A RaaS model allows you to focus on selling a complete solution with one monthly payment. This allows your customers to: 

  • Test automation in their facilities
  • Not have to worry about the upfront capital costs
  • Combat labor shortages

Hardware As A Service

Like RaaS, Hardware as a Service can deliver scalability and flexibility to warehouse operations. By adding an “as a service”
solution, you’ll be able to create a more predictable manageable hardware upgrade
cycle. This allows your customers to:

  • Take advantage of the latest technology quickly
  • Not have to worry about the upfront capital costs
  • Ensure their technology is stable, secure and ready when needed

While we pride ourselves in helping you create customized solutions for your customers, our proven process acts as a guide to ensure our strategies, programs, procedures and measurement criteria are tailored to your customers’ individual businesses.

It’s not enough to move at the speed of business – you need to move faster. River Capital Connect is a vendor portal that allows for financing applications and approvals in hours, not weeks. This robust tool provides real-time visibility into transactions, quickly generates quotes, enables the review of equipment listings and enables a full view of your total portfolio with expiration dates. Even more, you are in complete control of the privacy and access levels. In short, River Capital Connect ensures you stay on top of everything.

5-Step Proven Process

01. Discovery
Uncover insights to create our partner Go-to-Market strategy and ensure a mutual fit

02. Program Design
Create a program that addresses your specific challenges and needs and set success metrics

03. River Capital Connect Pre-Launch
Onboarding meetings and materials plus creation of the Program Agreement, processes and performance metrics

04. River Capital Connect Program Launch
Implement the program and conduct portal training and post-meeting follow up

05. Program Momentum
Quarterly pulsing combined with annual Meetings with ongoing program health and metric analysis

The River Capital Finance Difference

River Capital Finance is more than a financing partner, we’re your strategic selling partner. As the financing leader with more than 30 years in the warehouse distribution and robotics industries, we have a built a strong reputation for delivering complete, customized solutions backed by uncompromising service.


Specializing in RFID, AIDC, warehouse automation, mobile computing, POS equipment and solutions technology for the last 30 years.


Our cutting-edge vendor portal River Capital Connect enables fast, painless approvals within hours while keeping you on top of your customers’ statuses which will help you secure more contract renewals.


With more than 100 years of senior management experience in equipment financing, our experts will support you with financing to assist in the sales process.

River Capital Finance is more than a financing partner, we’re your strategic selling partner.

Ready to learn more about Robotics as a Service?

Download our free e-book, “Warehouse Robotics: Driving Opportunity with Robotics as a Service,” where we’ll dive deeper into how RaaS empowers warehouse logistics owners to scale and automate.

For Current Customers

As part of our continued growth and effort to provide the best possible service to our clients, River Capital Finance has revamped its billing process. With the implementation of this new billing system, you will notice a number of changes including a new online payment portal, new point of contact for all billing-related correspondence, a new billing address for any mailed-in payments, and a new format to your invoices—all of which has been mailed to you.

For any other questions, log into the self-serve portal at portal.contractcare.net.

Please note that if your payments are on auto-withdraw the payments will continue to debit as normal under the name River Capital when your next payment is due.