A HaaS Solution is Available for Your Business

Around the world, retailers and their suppliers and vendors are in a constant state of preparation for the next major shopping season. From determining overall strategy to identifying the right retail hardware to use, this preparation is extensive and critical. Depending on the industry, these seasons can range from the weeks surrounding a major holiday to non-holiday events such as the Super Bowl, back-to-school, and graduations. Planning for these events typically begins many months and sometimes even a full year ahead of time. 

While retailers build new strategies to try to maximize revenue from each, the outcome is never certain until the season has come and gone and the numbers are evaluated. However, one thing is for certain: retail hardware plays an integral role in both the strategy and the execution of those strategies — and ultimately their success or failure.

Q4 of the calendar year, in particular, brings four major holidays, a host of minor holidays and “National Day of” holidays, and of course, major shopping dates that for many organizations can make or break their year. While many retailers have adopted mobile point-of-sale (POS) strategies, new methods of collecting payment, and other retail hardware solutions that make their Q4 push more efficient and productive, just as many haven’t.

Is your organization prepared for the long road of holidays and events ahead? If not, don’t stress. You don’t have to set all of your other projects and goals aside just to start exploring new retail hardware solutions. Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) from River Capital Finance is a fast and efficient solution that can help you make the most of what remains of Q4 2019. Here’s how.

HaaS: Your Retail Hardware Solution

You’re likely already utilizing a wealth of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions throughout your organization. Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) is a new offering that provides the same flexibility, customization, scalability, affordability, and reportability — but for enterprise retail hardware. 

While many organizations opt to purchase their retail hardware, the sheer cost, research time, deployment planning, and supporting maintenance structure are often too complex, time-consuming, and resource-draining for them to see any immediate return. The payback period on such a capital expense can take years, and by then, the inevitable depreciation will have robbed the organization of any potential for continued ROI on their capital investment.

This is where HaaS comes in. Whereas buying retail hardware requires a significant cash outlay that won’t be recovered for a long time, HaaS provides the retail hardware needed now at a fraction of the overall cost — and it’s all paid monthly. ROI can be demonstrated much faster, and the success of an effort — particularly during critical retail seasons such as the holidays — can be measured more rapidly.

But what about the tactical elements of retail hardware? Proving ROI is absolute, but let’s dig into the retail environment itself. How can HaaS make a difference here for your boots-on-the-ground retail workers and for your IT team who has to support device and employee alike? Here are two of the most immediately beneficial aspects of HaaS that can support your organization. 

1. HaaS Ensures Uptime

The last thing your organization needs during one of the busiest times of the year is to have issues with your retail hardware. It’s bound to happen, but imagine if an error or glitch with a particular device type that hundreds or thousands of retail workers were using suddenly became apparent. To call that an operational problem would be an understatement. 

With HaaS, your organization can take advantage of the newest devices. And if something goes wrong, built-in service and support ensure that device will be repaired as quickly as possible (in the meantime, a new device can be shipped out to replace the down device right away — allowing users to stay on track). And because everything is up-to-date, operations remain as smooth as ever since you’re on the latest and greatest devices and operating systems. 

2. HaaS Makes Data Accessible

There are two aspects to this. First, data from the retail hardware itself can be centralized through a single platform that — fortunately — you don’t have to build custom. This saves you significant amounts of time and resources in that any data management solution needed to support your hardware is provided as part of your contract. 

Second, data on your retail hardware at an enterprise level is available to decision-makers for rapid analysis. You can easily see the status of various devices, what’s in use vs. what’s in for repair, and where your retail hardware program stands at all times. Full reporting and analytics provide you the oversight you need to make the most of your hardware and your retail strategy. 

HaaS is Available to You Right Now

Whereas other retail hardware solutions require extensive cost analysis, research, and planning, HaaS can be implemented far faster — allowing you to realize the benefits almost immediately while avoiding a hefty cash outlay. It’s not too late to put the benefits of HaaS to use for your organization this quarter. If you’re ready to make the most of the holidays ahead, trust HaaS to help you do exactly that. 

Contact us to learn more and discuss solutions that can make the upcoming retail season a success for your organization.