River SaaS Capital was founded in 2015 as a provider of alternative venture financing to early-stage SaaS companies throughout the U.S. Proudly based in Cleveland, Ohio, we offer alternative financing models, entrepreneurship mentoring, and a long-term, partnership-based approach.

How we help

With flexible funding solutions and a partnership-based approach, River SaaS Capital lends on terms that are agreeable to you. We often fund companies who are earlier in their growth cycle than our counterparts and we also back companies that lack institutional venture capital sponsorship.

Who we finance

We look for SaaS companies with Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) of at least $150k and strong customer retention rates. Current profitability is not required.

How it works

River Saas lends between $500K–$1.5M (typically 4x MRR) to qualified new borrowers. Initially, funds are usually structured as 36- or 48-month term loans with principal and interest paid monthly, but alternatives are available, including interest only, and step-up structures. We pride ourselves on our ability to grow with our portfolio companies over time, with the ability to lend up to $4M of either debt or equity to established borrowers.

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