Rolling out devices and equipment at an enterprise level comes with a unique set of challenges. Finding best technology and hardware, proving ROI, and selecting vendors can be a significant cost and time commitment for IT and management teams — to say nothing of the financial component that precedes everything. Luckily, there are experts who can handle the heavy lifting while providing the financing support you need to make your new enterprise equipment project efficient and affordable.

Full-scale hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) provides financial support for as well as streamlined processes for the entire lifecycle of hardware management for businesses. At its core, HaaS is a single, predictable monthly financing package similar to a monthly subscription that combines hardware, software, and analytics. The HaaS platform also acts as a single access point for supplier contracts, billing agreements, and more through one vendor.

Benefits of Using Hardware-as-a-Service

HaaS providers are well versed in everything involved in hardware lifecycle management. The single flat rate of the monthly subscription helps to create a predictable budget, aligning expense budgets with ROI and revenues. HaaS programs are also flexible — devices can be added based on a company’s needs at any given time. Equipment by subscription gives companies access to a huge pool of devices, so there’s no need for large, upfront capital costs.

Due to the nature of the hardware-as-a-service model, new equipment is introduced every few years, keeping your business up-to-date on the latest technology on the market and ensuring your team has stable, secure, and effective devices on a regular basis.

There is an efficiency in this cyclical process as well: by ensuring your organization has the most up-to-date hardware and equipment on hand, your various teams and departments can maintain their productivity without having to deal with downtime, maintenance that occurs on an increasingly frequent basis as equipment ages, or the frustration that comes with using legacy equipment despite other hardware and software systems being updated.

The most priceless benefit? Peace of mind. HaaS experts understand the hardware market as well as all aspects of lifecycle management. In addition to providing the financing support to help you achieve your goals, hardware-as-a-service providers understand the nuances of the equipment industry and will work closely with you to ensure you always have the most up-to-date and secure equipment. They won’t simply package up your hardware contract and leave you to it. They’ll keep you apprised of when the time comes for equipment to be upgraded or even replaced. This ensures that your business benefits from maximum uptime and efficiency in having the latest and greatest equipment (without the cost of buying it outright).

Overcoming Business Challenges with Hardware-as-a-Service

Equipping a large workforce with mobile devices, POS systems, and other enterprise hardware can be a significant upfront investment — both in equipment and in the time needed to deploy them. That expense can repeat every few years as new technology renders the old obsolete, devices depreciate, and company goals change. Costs can also add up as rugged and mobile devices require repairs or need to be replaced due to normal, repeated usage.

But with HaaS, new devices are rotated in every few years without imposing a new significant investment. HaaS also gets rid of the small print and wasted costs typical of agreements for replacing damaged and stolen devices. Ultimately, these benefits help you to realize a greater financial benefit over time than if you were to continuously re-invest in hardware yourself. This can be measured almost instantly through an immediate ROI.

As one of the primary reasons that many companies choose to go with a vendor for hardware lifecycle management, ROI is significantly easier to prove with the HaaS model. Because HaaS is a financing program for devices, your organization essentially makes a lower investment than if you were to purchase full-scale capital equipment and have to manage the related rollout, training, and maintenance programs yourself. Positive ROI results can be realized much sooner with HaaS, proving the value of the program to executive teams and your board.

Streamlining Internal Expenses with HaaS

A final consideration in whether your business should utilize a HaaS model is labor. Without a HaaS model, most of your IT and operations teams will be occupied with managing the incredible amount of the work in identifying, purchasing, and setting up your new equipment. With HaaS, your partner will work closely with you to identify the right equipment for your organizational needs — saving your team the time and hassle (and ultimately expense) of having to get involved.

This allows those team members to focus their time elsewhere, such as on other projects or tasks that they already have to manage on a regular basis. It also aligns how you’re spending. For example, if you can achieve a certain ROI and save time by utilizing HaaS for hardware, your team is able to work on other revenue-generating or efficiency-improving tasks rather than sinking time into hardware issues. The synergy HaaS provides in this area results in better business outcomes that are achieved faster than if HaaS weren’t utilized.

Learn More About HaaS for Your Business

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