River Capital Finance launches River Capital Connect to help our customers close more business with technology-driven financing solutions.  Our goal is to increase customer sales and commissions through a trusted partnership. River Capital helps provide the lowest total cost solutions, remove cost barriers to recommend the best possible solutions and convert component customers into system customers. This program helps you capitalize on the utilization model of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) which delivers hardware, software, and services in one convenient monthly payment for the customer.

The new River Capital Connect program has a portal that will create a simple and intuitive user experience for vendors and provide the ability to quote, apply, check open items and upload documents via self-service. This vendor portal accelerates approvals, keeps you up to speed on transaction status and helps you retain customers’ business. This vendor portal will complete financing applications and approvals in a matter of hours, provide 24/7 self-service automation like no other and puts the tools you need, in your hands. Use this vendor portal to gain real-time visibility into transactions, from application to funding to end-of-term. River Capital Connect quickly generates quotes, reviews equipment listings and your total portfolio. You have the capability to sign privacy/access levels: executive view, sales manager view and sales rep view. Even gives you the opportunity to be prepared well in advance of the financing term ending to present customers with strategic, next step recommendations.

River Capital has been working with Northteq who specializes in integrating FinTech microservices to provide turnkey Salesforce.com “apps.”

“Our goal is to create an amazing digital experience for our partners, and we continue to drive innovation to achieve successful technology-driven financing experiences. River Capital Connect delivers a quick and seamless user experience for our partners. Northteq is great to work with because they have a deep understanding of our business and our desire to leverage technology and innovation.” Mike Jones, Senior Vice President, River Capital.

Read our most recent Press Release about River Capital Connect: https://www.seekingfin.com/2021/03/02/northteq-river-capital-launch-river-capital-connect-a-portal-to-simplify-lending/

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