What is HaaS?

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) is an innovative new approach for providing organizations (and their hardware vendor) in a variety of industries with the solutions they need without the challenges that come with large-scale hardware procurement, deployment, and support.

Historically, companies in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries that were interested in a hardware solution would have had to purchase that hardware up front. Depending on the number and type of devices, this could be a significant investment in both time spent researching and testing hardware and then in purchasing it.

From there, companies would have to manage the hardware deployment as well as the support needed to keep hardware up and running for employees. If a piece of hardware went down or needed to be upgraded, the impact on production and daily operations could be significant.

At River Capital Finance, we recognized the inefficiency and cost this approach presented to customers. That’s why we developed HaaS — to help companies make more effective and immediate use of enterprise hardware through an “as-a-service” model.

Using HaaS as Your New Hardware Vendor Solution

As a designer, manufacturer, or distributor of enterprise hardware products and systems, we understand that having the right partner is critical to your success. Through HaaS, River Capital Finance can provide you with a number of advantages and benefits to get more of your products into companies’ working environments. Let’s review some of the ways that River Capital Finance can serve as your new hardware vendor through the HaaS offering.

We Get More Products Moving

Companies want the latest and greatest in terms of hardware. It makes their businesses look more advanced and up-to-date when they’re using the latest mobile devices, POS systems, and other hardware types. This is particularly true when those products are customer-facing, such as mobile checkouts in retail stores or tablets used by customers to find products and so on.

Additionally, our contracts with our clients typically range from three to five years. This means more of your new product lines are delivered at consistent intervals. When the contract is set to renew, the customer has the option of upgrading their hardware to the latest generation.

And because our relationships are with larger organizations, many of which are enterprise-level with multiple locations and numerous employees, volumes are significantly higher — increasing your revenue and connecting more customers with your products.

We Eliminate Barriers to Entry

As we’ve already touched on, one of the greatest concerns companies have with obtaining hardware is simply cost. Companies looking to roll out a mobile POS system or new scanners in multiple warehouses nationwide are often deterred from doing so when they see the sheer investment that will be required. Finance teams also have concerns in terms of ROI — devices depreciate with time and use, so when the time comes to upgrade, they’re left with limited choices with their existing hardware.

Fortunately, HaaS addresses all of these concerns. Because no large upfront cash outlay is required, HaaS users simply pay a monthly fee for their hardware. This lower cost not only makes the program more appetizing, but it also helps companies realize the ROI of the program much faster as they’re able to maintain or improve operations without the initial investment.

We Take Care of All Support Needs

Another consideration is service and support. For companies that purchase their hardware, most of their service and support needs fall on them and their internal technical teams. This puts a strain on those teams (who already have enough to do elsewhere) in having to shift their focus toward repair, upgrading, or complete replacement of a device. All the while, the employee whose device is being serviced is either left without hardware or must use a replacement, which may or may not be the same one they’re familiar with.

HaaS takes care of customers’ support concerns because it’s included in the contract. We offer clients several levels of support to match their business needs. This gives clients peace of mind that their devices will be covered should something go wrong.

Explore Hardware Vendor Opportunities with River Capital Finance

These are just some of the many ways that HaaS and River Capital Finance can help you grow your business. We are always exploring new hardware vendor partnerships and would enjoy a conversation to learn more about your business and offerings. Fill out the form below to get in touch with our team today.