As your warehouses, distribution centers or fulfillment centers struggle to overcome labor shortages and keep up with exploding eCommerce demands, you might be thinking about making the leap to automation. Robotic technology in warehousing operations can do more with less and responds well to spikes in customer demand.

Unfortunately, many warehousing businesses rule out robotics because of cost. But wait, don’t let this happen to you! Affordability can be instantly attained through a more flexible agreement called Robotics as a Service (RaaS). Rather than buying the equipment, you rent your robotic devices and access a cloud-based subscription service.

Essentially, a RaaS agreement allows for usage-based financing which permits you to make lower payments when revenue drops, and higher payments when business spikes. With a variable rate of payment based on consumption, you can increase robot usage during peak periods like the holidays and idle or halt service during slow periods

Bottom line? A RaaS agreement mean you only pay for what you consume. The flexible rental terms let your warehousing operations scale up and down – quickly and easily – in response to changing market conditions and seasonal needs. All of the deployment, integration, support and maintenance costs are included in your service level contract.