Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

It’s not a secret; upgrading your mobile device fleet can be a stressful and very costly endeavor. The stress and impact on your wallet caused by technology upgrades are further amplified in highly stressful financial times. But business must go on, and enterprises need to find ways to continue efficient operations, even if a significant CAPEX investment is not an option. Fortunately, Hardware as a Service (HaaS) — a business model delivering hardware, software, and services all in one convenient, predictable, monthly package — is a viable solution to better your business without breaking the bank. Here are five reasons why.


Control Costs

An extremely attractive aspect of the HaaS model is how effectively it controls costs while allowing your organization to procure new hardware, software, and services. With HaaS, enterprises have no, or very minimal, upfront costs to upgrade their entire fleet of mobile devices or introduce new technology to the organization. Essentially, HaaS transitions a colossal capital expense (CAPEX) into a smaller and much more manageable operating expense (OPEX). Further, the OPEX of HaaS occurs at regular intervals on a fixed timeline, making budgeting for HaaS predictable and very easy. All of these cost-control pieces of HaaS culminate into a very low total cost of ownership (TCO) of new hardware when considering all equipment disposition costs in a traditional equipment overhaul model.


Avoid Technical Obsolescence

Gordon Moore, a co-founder of Intel, hypothesized that we could expect computers’ speed and capability to essentially double every two years while the cost of them continuously drops: Moore’s Law. Today, we know that advancements in technology often outpace Moore’s Law, which means enterprises can be using obsolete equipment much more quickly than they anticipate. With the HaaS model, your enterprise’s investment in technology is never outpaced by Moore’s Law. This means your enterprise’s workforce always has the latest and greatest technology in its hands, which, ultimately, helps boost productivity and puts your business at a competitive advantage. 


Always Have Maintenance, Repairs, Replacements, and Services

Work environments that require mobility are often challenging. Everyday wear and tear on equipment in those harsh environments will eventually take its toll, leading to the need for maintenance, repairs, replacements, and services. However, often companies haven’t budgeted for these, leaving them to scramble for solutions to maintain operational productivity. With HaaS, maintenance, repairs, replacements, and services are built right into the contract. This gives enterprises a worry-free approach to their devices always being functional when maintenance, repairs, and replacements are needed. HaaS also eliminates both the need to complete device maintenance yourself and the headaches/unpredictability that comes along with it. Your HaaS provider will have a service plan in place to keep your IT assets running smoothly and efficiently.


Allow Scalability for Your Business’ Future

One of the primary goals of any business is to boost revenue to fuel growth. And as your enterprise grows, so does its needs. The HaaS model is scalable; it can grow with your enterprise, allowing you to scale up your equipment as your company grows and your needs change. Scaling up technology with HaaS comes at a slight upcharge from your previous service. However, this upcharge is still dramatically smaller than the cost of investing in additional hardware for your enterprise or even upgrading an entire fleet. Further, HaaS even lets your enterprise take on new device types, such as rugged enterprise-grade tablets, as your business demands it. And even if your company downsizes, it may be possible to make arrangements within your HaaS agreement to accommodate your business’ new needs.


Enable Top-Notch Security as Part of HaaS

Security is arguably the most critical aspect of your fleet of mobile devices. Top-notch security protects valuable information and minimizes the risk of security breaches that can have devastating consequences. But, as necessary as security is, does your enterprise know what security technologies it’s using? Do you know how often it’s updated or the last time it was monitored? Most likely not, and that holds the potential to be problematic. In some HaaS agreements, top-notch security can be built directly and automatically within it. This alleviates your enterprise of the responsibility of implementing, installing, monitoring, and upgrading it and frees your workforce to execute tasks more specific to their skill set. Finally, when security is built into a HaaS agreement, end-of-term security concerns, such as equipment disposition, proof of chain-of-custody, and destruction, are eliminated.

A change in your enterprise’s approach to acquiring mobile hardware, software, and services can not only save you money, but it can also provide you with the latest and greatest mobile devices, a worry-free maintenance and repair plan, scalability, and top-notch security. But the benefits of Hardware as a Service don’t stop there. Investing in HaaS can provide your enterprise with many other benefits, too numerous to name in a blog. If you’re ready to see the additional benefits that investing in the HaaS model can provide, contact us any time to learn more!